How To Bring Back Color Picker In WordPress 3.9

How To Bring Back Color Picker In WordPress 3.9

WordPress 3.9 shipped on 16th April will lots of cool new features, including TinyMCE 4.0 editor. Apparently, they have removed the old color picker from the post editor, which is making a buzz among some bloggers. This change was first noticed in the WordPress 3.9 Beta 1 by me, and I was disappointed enough with this change to fill a ticket to WordPress trac at this link.

To be honest, I never used color picker in WordPress, but I wanted people who used color picker in previous versions to be able to continue to do so. Fortunately, WordPress contributors are working on this And if everything goes right, you’ll soon see all new Iris color picker back in a future release of WordPress.

What’s now? Oh, I forgot to mention that you can still bring back color picker to the 3.9 with a plugin created by Janneke Van Dorpe. You can download his color picker plugin from Github by clicking here.

It will bring the color picker back, however, it will not look like the old color picker. So, if you don’t want all per-defined colors, but a color picker itself, this plugin is just for you.

UPDATE: Janneke Van Dorpe has added this color picker plugin to the WordPress repository at this link, with some additional features, such as add custom color, background color, text color, etc. It’s officially better than the previous color picker we had till WordPress 3.8. Hopefully, it will be a part of 4.0 release.