How To Install Google Analytics In MobilePress

About every blogger users Google Analytics to get the most accurate stats of its websites, and we have previously shared an article which showed you how to install Google Analytics in WordPress.

I use and recommend MobilePress plugin to power one of my mobile sites, and my mobile audience is as valuable as desktop audience. You can also install Google Analytics to MobilePress to get most accurate stats of your mobile audience.

First, you need to setup a Google Analytics account to get your Analytics tracking code. You can do it by clicking here.

Copy your Analytics tracking code and save in into a new file named analytics.php. Upload the analytics.php into the root of your hosting storage using ftp or file manager.

Go navigate to /wp-content/plugins/mobilepress/system/themes/default or whatever theme you’re using with your MobilePress. We will add this code to the footer of your MobilePress theme.

Edit footer.php file and add following code just above </body> tag:

<div class="analytics"><?php include('analytics.php'); ?></div>

That’s it! You will now also get stats for all the visitors from mobile devices. I’d suggest you to create a separate property for your mobile website to get a better report.