How To Remove MobilePress Footer Credits

I posted an article earlier this week where I posted a coupe of plugins to create a mobile-friendly version of your WordPress powered website. MobilePress plugin was one of it.

MobilePress has a credit text with a link to MobilePress’ plugin page in its footer. I don’t recommend you to delete or edit this snippet, but if you want to remove Mobile footer credits, here’s how you can do it.

You need your FTP or FileManager for this job as we have to edit plugin’s theme files. In your FTP or File Manager, visit webroot / wp-content / plugins / mobilepress / themes / default / footer.php

In footer.php, find and delete following line:

That’s it. Some people think I that I copied this trick from this post on BWidgets. I’d like to inform that BWidgets is also one of my websites. I’m the owner of that website, so I’m moving all my previous WordPress tutorials to this website with a better content.