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How To Replace Media Files In WordPress

WordPress comes out with some powerful tools to manage media on your blog, but it lacks a useful feature. WordPress doesn’t allow users to replace media files. In this article I’ll show you how to easily replace existing media files in your WordPress website.

Enable Media Replace is a plugin which allows you replace a file in your WordPress site’s media library by uploading a new file in its place. This plugin comes with two options when it comes to replacing media files:

  1. Just replace the media file. The name of the attachment will stay the same no matter what the file you upload is named. Only works for the same file type.
  2. Replace the file, use new file name and update all the links pointing to the current file.

It’s a handy plugin which I use on all my WordPress websites. Just install the plugin from your WordPress dashboard and a new option will be available in the Edit Media view, called “Replace Media”. This is where you can upload a new file to replace the old one.

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