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WordPress 3.9 Beta 2 Is Out

WordPress released its 3.9 Beta 1 about two weeks ago, which featured few new features that we first reported in our WordPress 3.9 tickets list. WordPress 3.9 Beta 2 just came out with “more than a hundred changes since Beta 1.” This beta releases contains following new features:

  • Visual editor will now directly render the embedded audio and video players.
  • Various bug fixes to TinyMCE and widget management in the theme customizer.
  • Visual and functional improvements to the editor, the media manager, and theme installer.

In short, the main focus of the Beta 2 of 3.9 release was to fix and improve TinyMCE and all other editors. You can test WordPress 3.9 by installing the WordPress Beta Tester plugin or you can download the beta by clicking here.

The Beta 3 will also come out in few days, and the target date for the stable release of WordPress 3.9. is 14th April. Last week I installed & tried WordPress 3.9 Beta 1 & found that color picker was missing from the new TinyMCE editor, so I reported a ticket at this link, which is now a part of WordPress 3.9.

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