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WordPress 3.9 Beta 3 Is Out

The third and possibly the final beta of WordPress 3.9 has been released for developer testing. WordPress 3.9 Beta 3 release includes “more than 200 changes.” The official release date for stable version of WordPress 3.9 release has now been set for April 16.

You can check summary of the WordPress Beta 1 at this link and on Beta 2 at this link. And finally, Beta 3 includes following features:

  • Most of the major features like live widget previews and the new theme installer are now more ready for the WordPress 3.9 release.
  • UI refinements when editing images and media editor. Plus, some of the advanced display settings for images are also back.
  • To test out the audio and video playlists, the links will appear in the media manager after uploading.
  • HTML5 caption support has been added for theme developers to match the new gallery support.
  • The formatting function underwent some changes to speed it up.

You can test WordPress 3.9 by installing the WordPress Beta Tester plugin or you can download the beta by clicking here.

That’s it for the WordPress 3.9 and will hit your update bar on 16 April, which is just one day late from the expected date. On a related note, #24682 was also fixed by one of the Beta releases, not sure which one.