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WordPress 4.0 Kicks Off Development

During the regularly scheduled meeting in the #wordpress-dev IRC channel on Wednesday, WordPress core committer Andrew Nacin announced that Helen Hou-Sandí will lead the WordPress 4.0 release. After working for more than a year as guest committers, Dominik Schilling and Sergey Biryukov has been granted the permanent commit access to WordPress core.

Also a meeting was held on Tuesday, where they put a call for feature plugins that will be merged to the WordPress 4.0 core. You can check the thread at this link. Plugins, such as JSON REST API Plugin and Media Grid Project, are expected to be in the 4.0 core. And there is also some possibility of redesigning and overhauling the “Press This” feature in WordPress.

Color picker will be back in WordPress 4.0 TinyMCE, thanks to Janneke Van Dorpe. WordPress 4.0 is expected to ship in the week of August 25th. Hopefully, I’ll be in the list of contributors, but nothing is set in stone as of now.