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WordPress Adds Plugin Icons In Plugin Installer

WordPress 4.0 will come out next week with a lot of new features, including all new plugin installer. WordPress 4.0 adds plugin icons in plugin installer. This change will not affect WordPress’ plugin directory, but will only add the icon to plugin installer.

All plugin authors are advised to add a plugin icon to their plugin repository by following this simple process:

Just like plugin banners, plugin icons go into the /assets/ directory of your plugin and it can either a PNG or SVG. Just add it to assets/icon-128×128.(png|jpg) and/or assets/icon-256×256.(png|jpg) and you have an icon.

If you want to use SVG icons, then you don’t need to specify the icon size. You simply need to assets/icon.svg file.

If you don’t have a custom image icon, a default icon will be generated using GeoPattern library by Jason Long of GitHub. You can get more details on Andrew Nacin’s post at this link.

Here are some tips from Nacin about creating an icon for your plugin:

  • Keep it simple! The Android and iOS Human Interface Guidelines both have some fantastic design tips.
  • Avoid text, especially since these may be seen at smaller sizes in other contexts (and in languages other than English). And because this is an icon, not an ad.
  • Use the right image format for what you’re doing. Don’t use JPGs for simple designs; don’t use PNGs for photos.
  • Optimize your images! Use something like ImageOptim or your favorite web app, CLI tool, etc.
  • Please no WordPress logos. Come up with your own brand. (If you already have a banner image, you likely already have a head start here.)
  • If you haven’t worked with SVGs before, they’re pretty cool. Here’s a tutorial from Chris Coyier.
  • Keep in mind this is an icon for your plugin, not a display ad.

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