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How To Disable WordPress AutoSave

When editing a post in WordPress, everything you write on the white canvas & all the changes you make are automatically saved ever 60 seconds. All of your changes are saved as Post Revisions in your database. However, you can disable WordPress’ AutoSave feature with any of these following tricks.

By Editing wp-config.php File

The is easiest and the most famous trick to disable the AutoSave feature in WordPress. Let me explain this snippet to you – this snippet will set the WordPress AutoSave interval to 86,400 seconds which is an entire day. In this way, WordPress will save a revision of your post after an entire day.

Just add following snippet to your wp-config.php file:

define('AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', 86400);

By Editing post.php File

This is one of the smartest way to disable this feature. This trick will turn your AutoSave function to a php comment.

Open your wp-admin/post.php file and wp-admin/post-new.php files. You will find this line of code there:


Add // to the beginning of this code. It’ll look something like this:

// wp_enqueue_script('autosave');

By Editing functions.php File

Final trick to disable this feature. This is the most preferred way to disable this feature among the blogger. Simple throw this in your functions.php file:

add_action( 'admin_init', 'disable_autosave' );
function disable_autosave() {
        wp_deregister_script( 'autosave' );
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